The MoviePlus Group is a recently created alliance of companies focusing on the financing, production, and distribution of films for cinema, television, internet and mobile platforms. With a strong emphasis on children’s and family entertainment, MoviePlus is currently developing and producing a number of both animated and live action properties.

The strength of the MoviePlus Group (MPG) arises from its five key partners, each established in a strategic location around the world and each having a very impressive and successful history in domestic and international film and television. Cumulatively the five main partners have created, produced and/or highly contributed to nearly 100 movies and 3600 hours of TV series, including more than 2500 hours of animation.

Positioned in Paris, London, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Beijing with sub-offices in Switzerland, Holland and Hong Kong, the MoviePlus Group is ideally structured to capitalize on the best financial, production and creative resources around the world.

Each company within MPG has the unique advantage of a real ‘local knowledge’, in addition to an international know-how. Unlike traditional films or TV groups based in one country, MPG is able to access to the best talents, ideas and financial resources from each location, thus making ambitious projects possible and catering to local or regional taste and international needs.

The MoviePlus Group is presently focusing on joint venture agreements with groups such as Scholastic, HBO, Canal+, Nickelodeon, TF1, M6 and the BBC.



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